Are you a parent at home?

Practical strategies to make things easier at home

  • Create a sensory safe corner in a quiet place. This could be in a bedroom, pull a bookcase out and make a quiet nook (see Leighton picture). Add a bean bag or cushions, headphones with quiet music, a few books and some visual oil toys, lava lamp, bubble column, fidgety toy, or favourite teddy or doll. Easy.
  • In the bath, use firm pressure when washing and drying. Try some songs from the Sensory Songs for Tots CD for making bath time easier.
  • Try sitting on a disco-sit, move n sit cushion or ball chair for meal times, homework, drawing or cutting practice time. It can give the movement input they might be craving so they can concentrate easier.
  • Kids love routine and structure. It makes them feel safe and have boundaries. Create a visual routine board for a typical day, or if each day is different, one for each day. Free visual available from, or you can pay a small subscription and make them digitally.


Sensroy Area