Ball Looped Surekatch Fidget

$11.40 $9.95


Ball Looped Surekatch Fidget

$11.40 $9.95

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Ball Looped SureKatch Hand Fidget

We love this hand fidget for originality. The bright colours and unusual look makes it very appealing to most.

Do you have or know a child that ….

  • Is constantly looking for something to do with their hands
  • Plays with zips, buttons and anything else they can get their little fingers on
  • Often gets in trouble for disrupting or being naughty in class or at home during homework / dinner time?

Hand Fidgets could be the solution. By allowing a child a hand fidget you are allowing them the opportunity to receive that sensory input they require to function, stay focused and be alert.

Why not try a hand fidget at home with your little one and see the difference.

SureKatch Hand Ball measures 4 in and the light ball features patented ABS plastic durable loops.

It can also be used to develops confidence and self esteem with the use of motor skills and hand eye coordination.