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Free Webinar: An introduction to the extent of anxiety in children

FREE 45 minute webinar for parents to learn the true extent of anxiety in children and how to recognise the signs in your child.

Hosted by Occupational Therapist Deb Hopper.

During this session parents will learn:
  1. Signs of how to recognise your child is anxious
  2. Six categories of anxiety you may never have thought of which will weigh heavy on your heart
  3. The true extent of anxiety in kids
  4. How you can teach children language and words to tell you how they are feeling
  5. An overview of Deb Hopper’s Just Right Kids Model for kids to communicate when they are anxious.

anxious children symptoms

Introduction to the extent of anxiety in children


Thursday 7.30PM AEDT, February 22nd.

All registered attendees will receive a copy of the replay.

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