Sensory Workshops and Training

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Sensory Workshops and Training : The Just Right Kids Technique

By Deb Hopper – Passionate to learn, passionate to share!

  • Are you struggling to understand WHY your child is having more than expected meltdowns or tantrums at home, at the shops or at school?
  • Do you work with a group of children who are sensitive to noise, touch or very busy?
  • Are you a professional who sees sensory sensitive or sensory seeking children in your practice or school every day?

Deb Hopper is a passionate Paediatric Occupational Therapist and has worked with children, parents, carers, child care workers, health professionals and teachers around the world.

Through workshops, webinars, online training and hands-on therapy, Deb teaches many adults and children

  • WHAT Sensory Processing is,
  • HOW to recognise children who struggle with sensory processing,
  • PRACTICAL STRATEGIES to make family life easier
  • THE LINK between sensory processing and anxiety, and
  • A VISUAL MODEL for teaching self-regulation.

Deb has changed the lives of many children, families and classrooms by helping them understand themselves and helping adults understand their behaviour.

Workshop Testimonials

“Thank you for an excellent session, I learnt some great strategies that can be used cross different settings.”

 “Thank you I felt like some of the Jigsaw pieces came together. Very Helpful”

 “Thank you for such a professionally inspiring workshop”

Deb wants to empower you with knowledge, skills and tools to help the children in your life reach their potential every day!!

Our sensory workshops and training are suitable for Teachers, Pre-School Teachers, Day Care Staff, Teachers Aides, Learning Support Teachers, Nurses, Health Professional, Therapists, Parents, Carers, Grandparents and anyone else who interacts with children on a daily basis.

Deb provides a variety of workshops to suit the different learning levels and working environments. Our main workshop offering is the 1 day Just Right Kids Sensory Processing workshop.

Deb can also tailor make workshops to suit the needs of your company or organisation. Just let us know what your needs are. This might include a combination of

  • A one day workshop
  • Classroom sensory assessment to make them more sensory friendly
  • Individual Occupational Therapy assessments for children.