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Play is a universal language that unites children. And in Episode 6 of Life Skills 4 Kids, Aimee Cox of Playful Little Learners and I talk about the importance and impact of play in a child’s life. Aimee shares the wonders that child-led play, boredom and playing with open-ended toys can do for children. She also shares the advantages of playing and gives us helpful and practical tips and tricks to engage children in play.


In this episode we cover:

  • Aimee’s story about how she found teaching and her passion for working with parents and kids.
  • The power of play in a child’s life.
  • Reasons why parents and adults struggle with play.
  • How you can do child-led play.
  • Why do we need to allow or kids to become bored?
  • Developing and learning turn-taking and social skills.
  • The advantage of children playing with open-ended toys.
  • Tips on how to deepen a child’s concentration while playing.
  • Improving ideation – creativity and flexibility – in children.
  • Tips for helping kids engage in independent play and playing with parents.



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