Calling All

Therapists in Business

for 2020...


You are AMAZING... and SMART!


You have your own business...


You work long hours and put others before your own needs...


You are constantly growing your clinical skills...

You try to attend business courses online or locally, but who’s got time when there’s clients to see?

Generic business coaches don’t “get” what it feels like to be an OT, SP or other therapist, and the pressures that we face in “holding space” for our clients (and our partner, family, etc, etc…..)

Facebook groups are great for peer support, but they aren’t personalised to your needs

YOU have a dream to have a successful therapy practice. 

You KNOW you can do it, if only you have the structure to GROW your therapy BUSINESS SKILLS. 

You know you NEED it to work so you can contribute to your family’s needs and lifestyle. 

We’ve all googled how to do the business side of things, but when you have a mentor and mastermind group to support you….

Every week of the year…

That’s when you develop clarity and the fog of uncertainty clears… you have 2020 vision…

Your plans and dreams start to gather MOMENTUM!

It makes you start to wonder: 

How do all the other therapists who thrive and develop their small practices do it and have a life?

How do others run a clinic AND expand their reach to IMPACT the world eg write a book or course?

How do they run a clinic and complete PURPOSE DRIVEN ‘fun stuff’ to really make a bigger footprint to help more people?

Three things I have learnt and done since being a clinician:


You need to invest in yourself.


You have to be around others who are a few steps ahead of you.


A mastermind or mentor creates clarity and you move FASTER towards your goal.

The Kids OT Pod has been fantastic for my practise as an Occupational Therapy Sole Trader.

Each month so far has had a different focus with optional but very valuable tasks to be completed each week (from organisation strategies to practitioner self care, sensory integration in-services and sharing resources).

Through participation in the Pod I now feel part of a community which I was sorely missing after moving from the health service into the private sector. The facebook page enables us to ask all those ‘silly questions’ in a safe space, share our achievements and commiserate together as a team yet all grow and share together as practitioners.

I could not have been luckier in finding and joining the OT Pod when I did, Deb and my OT Pod team have helped me feel confident in what I am doing and achieving that elusive work-life balance!

Rosie Butler OT

Does a Mastermind Work?

In 2019, I have been a member of a high level mastermind with extremely successful business women.

Through the Mastermind support, I made quantum leaps in my business growth this year that:


Gave me the push and confidence to start my Life Skills 4 Kids Podcast


Supported me to launch 2 online memberships


Encouraged me to think big as I launched my book Teaching Kids to Manage Anxiety (with rave reviews)


Take 3 months off to travel the world with my family, all while running my business.

Often our dreams and lifestyle we dream of

seems unattainable....

Managing at Midnight

Do you feel that managing at midnight is "just the way it has to be?"

Not when you hang out with people who have moved from "almost going to quit" to having successful private practices.

Expand Your Values-Driven Business

Do you think it's impossible to find the time to write that book, start a podcast or create an online course like you've always dreamt of?

Not when you hang out with your mastermind leader and others who have done all this (and can support you in planning a strategy).

Be a Business, not a Hobby

Do you think it's impossible to earn the same or MORE THAN what your colleagues in government jobs are earning?

Not when you get a handle on looking at your business figures without freaking out and planning ahead for the low season.


Taking your Values-Driven Therapy Business to the Next Level


Momentum Mastermind - Let's Go!



12 x group business hot seat calls- to brainstorm your way forwards

12 x group accountability check-ins - to stay on top of your goals for the month

2 x group online implementation half days with me - to make sure your action your goals, with me as your helper

Quarterly, weekly and daily planning tools - FREE to set you up for success

4 x quarterly group planning/review sessions - To keep you on track and set quarterly goals

FREE ACCESS to Build Your Sustainable Profitable Therapy Business - 4 week bootcamp - To fast track your business for 2020

Exclusive Mastermind FB community- for collaboration and group knowledge sharing

VIP MASTERMIND PACKAGE - for quicker results


Includes all of Gold Mastermind Package PLUS


Add 1 x individual 50 min clinical or business coaching session / month


Add access to Deb via Voxer messaging 1:1


Add 2 x Individual Business Planning 1 hour sessions (per year)


Add free access to clinical and business trainings (whilst a paying member)

Reserve Your Place with $500 deposit in December, then 12 monthly payments of


Reserve Your Place with $500 deposit in December, then 12 monthly payments of




If you’re offered a place in The Momentum Mastermind, and you choose to accept, please note that we do not offer refunds or cancellations.

There are a few reasons for this: because this is such a small group, there’ll be people who miss out.

But most of all, it’s because once you’re part of the crew, your fellow members and I are holding space for you. We’re sharing our best ideas, the insider stuff that’s working now, and the inner workings of our businesses. To ensure that this energy exchange is respected, refunds and cancellations are not available.

If you’ve got questions or hesitations about whether this mastermind if right for you, please share them freely during your intro call. Nothing is off limits, and it’s in *both* our interests to ensure that this group is the right fit to give you your best year ever!