A whole class approach to implementing sensory strategies in the classroom

Using sensory strategies in the classroom

This training webinar offers advice on how to incorporate the whole class in implementing sensory strategies in the classroom ensuring kids stay in the “Just Right” zone & have a calm and productive day.

In a classroom of kids, research is telling us that there are 4-5 (up to 16%) with learning difficulties, sensory processing difficulties and sensory driven behaviour.

Teaching and catering for so many different learning and behavioural needs can be fatiguing!

Trainer: Deb Hopper, Occupational Therapist

Live Event Details: 7.30pm AEDT, Thursday May 3rd 2018

Duration: 45 minutes plus Deb will be available for questions at LIVE session (plus unlimited personal access to replay)

Cost: $59 incl GST

Attend the live workshop with Deb to:

  1. Understand what sensory processing difficulties might look like in the classroom situation and how to identify children who may be struggling with sensory issues
  2. Develop an understanding of the three main subtypes of categorising children with sensory processing difficulties
  3. Understand the difficulties experienced by children with individual sensory processing differences
  4. Develop an understanding of how these difficulties may be viewed as negative behaviour rather than sensory driven behaviour
  5. Brainstorm ideas for sensory strategies in class that they can implement the next day.


  1. Audio recording for view on demand following workshop.
  2. Links to online resources mentioned in webinar.
  3. Copy of the Just Right Kids Self Regulation Model to use in the classroom

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