Video Training for Teachers – Reducing Negative Behaviour in Class using the Just Right Kids Model

Using the Just Right Kids Model as a visual for having a calmer and more emotionally aware class (and preventing negative behaviour)

Training workshop for teachers who are looking for ways to reduce negative behaviour in the classroom and promote a calm environment for students to concentrate and thrive.

Trainer: Deb Hopper, Occupational Therapist

Duration: 55 minutes  (plus unlimited personal access to replay)

Cost: $59 incl GST

Attend this workshop with Deb to:

  • Understand the Just Right Kids (JRK) Self Regulation Model’s concepts of busy-ness and emotions management
  • Understand how the JRK model embeds sensory processing strategies into the model
  • Understand a framework for structuring sensory strategies into class to use as a whole class strategy
  • Consider how to implement the JRK Self Regulation Model in conjunction with school behaviour management programs
  • Start developing a plan for how they might implement the JRK model into day to day classroom management strategies.


  1. High res copy of the Just Right Kids Model for unlimited printing (for your personal use in your classroom)
  2. Session recording to view on demand following webinar
  3. Links to online resources mentioned in webinar