Reducing Meltdowns and Improving Concentration Ebook

We hope you are enjoying your book –  ‘Reducing Meltdowns and Improving Concentration: The Just Right Kids Technique'

In this introductory book, Deb Hopper teaches you the basics of teaching children the concepts of “fast”, “slow” and “just right” to children, as well as the concepts of “emotional regulation”.

By using the “Just Right Kids Technique” and the “Just Right Kids Self Regulation Circle”, we can start teaching children how to decrease their meltdowns and improve their concentration.

This is the Just Right Kids Model. 

Download a copy and print it off and put in on the fridge.  Jump into the videos as guided through the book sections and learn valuable skills to teach your children.

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Just Right Kids Model Image


Here are your bonus videos by Deb Hopper.


In this Video Deb Hopper explains the concepts of going “fast”, “slow” and “just right” in teaching children self-regulation.



In  this video, Deb Hopper explains teaching the concepts of self-regulation and self-control through using the emotions side of the  Just Right Kids Self-regulation circle.



In this video, Deb Hopper explains how to extend the concepts of using the Just Right Kids Self-regulation Circle and other ideas for reinforcing these concepts for children.