Introducing the very first

Paediatric Allied Health Assistant Academy

Are you an Allied Health Assistant working in a paediatric setting? Do you feel isolated or wish you could connect with other AHAs in a professional setting? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your delegated tasks?


Maybe you’re a manager and would like some professional mentoring for your AHA, but you don’t have the time you’d like to spend. Would you like to outsource some extra support, along with a fresh perspective and a community for your AHA?

Well, we have the solution for you!

The AHA Academy is launching February 1!

We realised there was nothing like this out there to support the many amazing AHAs across Australia, so we created it!

The AHA Academy is for you if:

You feel that your family and friends don’t understand the challenges

  • you face
  • You want to advance your AHA career but don’t know where to start
  • You feel that you can’t speak with your boss or colleagues about certain
  • You’re tired of feeling alone and would like to become part of a
    community of AHAs
  • You’d like to take your professional growth to the next level and need
    help with taking the next step

The AHA POD is an online monthly membership where you will receive:

1. Fortnightly coaching calls with two of our Occupational Therapists. These OTs are experienced in working with AHAs to provide support and guidance in the areas of skills development and scope of practice.

2. Access to an online education portal with core modules developed specifically for AHAs working in a paediatric setting.

3. An exclusive FB group where you can safely ask AHA-specific questions

The AHA Academy is an Australian first. Our team’s passion is to support the growing body of paediatric AHAs across Australia.

We want to support you in reaching your potential and serving your clients and their families, and we want to see you achieve your goals.

Join the AHA Academy now.

As a Founding Member, you’ll get the same rate year on year… forever!

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