Implement your Therapy Business

Need to create momentum or reduce your

overwhelm in your solo therapy business?

(Without the Angst, Worry and Procrastination)

A safe community here to support you in rising up,

reaching your potential and making an influential impact in your world.

You know you were created for helping more families.

You’re ready to make a real difference in your therapy community.

But let’s be real:

Being a therapist who values serving others as well as balancing family comes with its own unique set of challenges, right?

Forget focusing solely on your bigger goals as a therapist. Every single day, you are set up for more serious challenges, like:


  • Regularly having your value-driven boundaries tested. The juggle between work and home tasks are real!
  • Feeling uncertain exactly how to tick off all the compliance tasks, get your business flying and then trying to keep it afloat from week to week, without your feeling overwhelmed.
  • Feeling the pressure to having to do it all, knowing you need to outsource, but not knowing when or how to do it to let some pressure off.

Not to mention putting on the daily mask so it looks like you have it all together, when inside you are tired and freaked out about how this business thing works.

Yes.. it is a learning curve and can feel challenging. Which is why we’re here.

The Implement Your Therapy Business Mentorship is your safe space and online community to grow your therapy business, create momentum and support you in creating the therapy business dream you have.


A supportive and encouraging 60 min group coaching call with Deb Hopper once a month

Priceless.. 1 idea can save you or make you $$

Exclusive Facebook community to ask your therapy business questions 24/7

We are your business sounding board!

Be accountable: Set your intentions and goals for the month and the group will keep you accountable!

Get your doing done!


Deb’s Therapy Business Bootcamp Graduates

Or, sole therapists in business

Deb’s Therapy Business Bootcamp Graduates Or Sole Therapists in Business

You know you were created for helping more families. 

You’re ready to make a real difference in your therapy community.
Dear Amazing Therapist,

If you’d like to reignite your momentum or take the pressure off your therapy business…

This may be the most exciting thing you’ll read this year….

Here’s Why:

I was just like you….

Just a few years ago (16 to be exact) I was sitting at my desk wondering how to send an invoice to a therapy client, so I’d get paid after a therapy session. I had no idea how to set up, yet alone grow my business.

My business was racing as a dream in my head, but in reality, it was moving at turtle speed…


There were lots of months were I found myself struggling to pay the rent and get the invoices out.

I Was Completely Frustrated

I had dreams of a clinic space, writing books, developing courses and lapping up every minute of time with my 4 month old (who’s now 15!).

I found myself asking questions like:

Maybe I don’t have what it takes.

Maybe I’m not “techy” enough.
Maybe I’m not enough… I didn’t come from a family in business, connections or money….

But I’ve more than “got through” in creating my own business:

I help contribute to our family’s budget.
I have a small team around me to help me.
I’ve written more than one book (and recently got an external publishing offer….)
I run my Sustainable and Profitable Business and have flexibility when my kids are sick….

So, let me support you through the next steps from BUILDING to IMPLEMENTING your sustainable, profitable therapy business.

I’m offering The Implement Your Business Mentorship to help you move from having information in your hands to actually DO THE DOING.

Let’s continue to work together.. and keep your momentum going..


Here are the 2 options for
continuing your momentum…


$97 + GST

Billed monthly

6 month minimum commitment,
but an ongoing program


$997 + GST

Billed one time

Can renew by end of 12th month.

What’s included:

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Quarterly 2 hour implementation session
  • Monthly Implementation Challenge
  • Access to Business Bootcamp Portal (bootcamp graduates)
  • Monthly Social Media Plan to Promote your Business

See you inside!

Deb Hopper