Where we stand for: Family, Financial Freedom and Impact

A 12-month mastermind designed for the heart-centred Occupational Therapist who is ready for real freedom:
For her family and her business.

You want to make a real impact and still take time off (I mean really off) with your kids on school holidays.

You want to create passive income streams so you aren’t trading time for dollars anymore.

You are ready to go to the next-level and become an influencer in your field with authenticity and confidence.

You are amazing at what you do and you are ready to create even more influence and impact in your industry.

You want to literally earn money while you sleep and experience real freedom – in your schedule, in your finances and with your family.

To the incredible woman who is managing her therapy business:

Are you ready to get off the business treadmill and start really thriving?

I know you have worked so incredibly hard to get where you are at. I know you love your clients, and give everything you have – to your clients, their families and then you go home and give the same amount of energy to your own family.

I know when there’s ‘not enough time in the day’ to take care of it all and feeling like you are just putting out fires in your business and your own life.

I know you love what you do, but are tired and don’t know how else to show up for your clients and your family without burning the candles at both ends.

I know, because I have been there myself.

I set up my first business when I had my first son. I wanted the dream. I wanted a flexible lifestyle. I wanted to be there for my family and keep serving clients and advancing in my career.

And that’s exactly what I did. With some trial and error.


Where you get to serve, using your professional skills to make life easier for other families while raising your own kids. And not only that – you get to create real influence by leveraging your time and systems so you can reach even more people.

And trust me, you don’t want to do this journey on your own.


You want a mentor who understands ALL of it. The journey. The mindset. The young children. The juggle. It’s real. I want you to know – your business can give you so much more freedom.


You may have started your business already (and even have a waiting list) – but the phone is ringing constantly with referrals, you are trying to manage expectations, not to mention just to deliver the service to clients, and send the invoice and then deal with the NDIS.


You are hustling hard to make this business dream happen but right now it feels just a bit too much. Like you are on a treadmill and you are too afraid to press pause.

I have been there. It’s exhausting. And I can tell you: it’s not sustainable.

Being an OT is hard enough. You give 100% to your clients, their families and your own family.

Then you are dealing with setting up a business, the structures and systems and being there for your family – and trying to save up to give yourself an annual leave payment and save for the holiday with the family.

No wonder most people work until midnight and spend Saturdays doing business admin. Exhaustion just becomes the norm.

Can I tell you the truth?

Exhaustion isn’t normal.

Burnout does not equal success. And your family needs you.

Once I got close enough to burning out – I realised something had to change.

And that change was ME.


I started to let my business serve my family and I – and not the other way around.

I created a business that brings me real joy, freedom and profit.



Having a flexible schedule that works for your clients and your family.

Having scheduled ‘OFF’ days just for you.

That’s right! Take yourself out for a massage, enjoy a walk on the beach, have coffee out with the girls or take that yoga class.

You don’t have to pour from an empty cup.

Creating multiple income streams sharing your expertise and genius zone with the world which might include… (and I do all of these…)

  • In-person therapy clients
  • Clinical supervision
  • ​​Creating an online course
  • ​​Publishing a book, or
  • ​​Starting a podcast…

I know exactly what you need to do to create a business that will work for you– for your family and for your lifestyle.

I can support you to get there…


I have created this mastermind with you in mind:

The woman who wants to create a flexible and efficient and profitable business, and be there for her family. You aren’t interested in building an empire – you just want a business that can work for you, as woman, as a mum, as a wife – who is tired of the ‘juggle’ act and feeling completely exhausted by it all.

This is the only 12-month mastermind on the market that is created with you in mind.

Where you get to be heard and to be seen.


And the support I have to offer you is unlike anything you have experienced before.

After joining the Mastermind, you will:


Have complete clarity on your next step in business


Have a personal mentor who can answer all of your questions about building a business in a way that works for you


Learn how to make more money by working smarter in business (we are all about making more money by working smarter not more hours)


Have real accountability for your business and your goals


24/7 access to an exclusive community of like-minded women


Have support in setting real boundaries around your schedule


Saving time and learning when and how to out-source


Have a close community of women who get you: never make a business decision again in a silo


Have a place to ‘hang’ with fellow professionals and business gals who celebrate each other


Imagine being personally mentored by an OT, business coach & mum who gets exactly where you are at.

Women who have worked with me have gone from working for others or having struggling solo-businesses to working for themselves in a flexible and freedom business.


“I think just listening to all of you, put your questions forward, and talking about what you know, that you’ve all got some doubts along the way too has made me think it’s not that scary to dive across and just work for myself.

Thank you everybody for sharing your doubts and your growth and your excitement. Because I think it has been kind of empowering.”

Nicole M.

“Thank you Debbie Hopper for seeing my potential, vision and believe in my contribution and me even when I couldn’t or didn’t!!!!

I could not had got where I am today with the “Building your sustainable and Profitable Therapy Business Bootcamp” and “Implement” and the network and support from you all. Thank you for being there through all the blessings, wins, and lessons.”

Jameela W.

“I have had the privilege of joining the amazing Deb Hopper for the last 18 months, working through the 8 week Therapy Business Bootcamp, the Implement Your Business program and the Therapy Business Mastermind. The bootcamp filled in all the gaps in my business, so it is now not only profitable and sustainable but organised and running smoothly. The Implement program allowed time with Deb, answering the many questions specific to my business. The Mastermind Group moved me onto bigger and better things in OT with many opportunities presented to expand my clinical and business skills and get creative exploring other sources of income. Learning to set business and therapy goals and being accountable helped me to achieve more than I thought was possible. I have met many other OT’s from all over Australia, gaining ideas and support, as well as cheering them on with their business and clinical goals. Deb is passionate about OT, full of energy and enthusiasm and willing to pass on everything she knows to help OT’s thrive as OT’s and business owners.

Deb, you are appreciated for who you are and all you bring to the OT world!”

OT Melbourne

They were once where you are: feeling overwhelmed. Feeling like they had to do it all themselves. Feeling like this is what ‘success’ looks like, sacrificing precious time with their family, working late nights and trying to ‘do it all’ – fearful that outsourcing would eat into whatever profits they had coming in.

I found the solution. And it’s not more hours.


Where your family, your wellness and your genius zone are back on the priority list.

Where you have a mentor in your back pocket who will keep you accountable to your business and your life.

Where you get to learn from like-minded women and professionals, who have the same concerns and family priorities you do. 
Where you get to up-lifted, celebrated, seen and heard for the woman and business owner you are.


Get clear on exactly what you need to implement or change in your business to become more efficient.

Automate, Delegate, outsource and time block.

Work more in your genius zone.

Managing your business and life schedule with joy and ease.

Managing your business and life schedule with joy and ease.

The mastermind is designed to: give you a support network, to encourage you to take the steps in your business that will give you more time back and scale your income. Wherever you are at in your business is a perfect place to start.

If you are ready to finally make your business work for you and give you the freedom that you desire for your family, then sign up today.


  • Extensive Orientation Pack
  • Access to an exclusive membership site with brand new courses as they are created
  • ​”Creating Alternate (affiliate income, digital products, online courses and other) Passive Income Streams for your Therapy Practice” Course – Coming Soon as a Beta Program (VALUE $1997)


  • Access to pre-recorded coaching calls
  • Fortnightly mentorship group calls
  • Monthly accountability group calls
  • ​Regular Implementation Working Calls
  • ​1-1 Monthly Coaching with Deb (our VIP Mastermind Clients Only)
  • ​Voxer Access (our VIP Mastermind Clients Only)
  • ​Access to The Kids OT POD clinical program (VIP Mastermind Clients only).


  • Exclusive private Facebook group with like-minded women
  • Entry to our exclusive yearly retreat (in-person)


You will just stay on that treadmill of exhaustion.

Are you ready to finally step into a business that will give you the lifestyle and freedom you always desired? Isn’t it time? If not now, when?


You have everything you need to in order to structure and scale your business. You don’t spend another minute while you are with your family worrying about your business to-do list. Your work phone is turned off. Your clients know you finish work at 5pm and your weekends are totally yours again.

Imagine waking up and it’s Saturday morning, your invoices are sent, your catch-up reports are scheduled, your house is cleaned (by the cleaner you have brought in) and you have the entire weekend to yourself. To rest. To be with family. To enjoy your life. And on Monday morning, you get to joyfully wake up, knowing exactly what needs to be done, and serve your clients with ease and professionalism.

It’s all possible and available right now – when you have the right support, mentoring and structures in place.

To put your mind at ease, I offer a 30-Day guarantee. This is how much I believe in my program: if you complete all the course work, attend every call and implement everything we advise – and you don’t get results, we will happily refund your money within the first 30 days.


I want you to know – that it is entirely possible for you to have a business that offers true flexibility for your life – and it’s available for you right now. I can show you exactly how to build a business that suits your goals and your lifestyle. That offers you true abundance. Let me help you continue to do what you love and allow it to support you and your family.

It would be an honour to journey alongside you and help you build a business that will give you and your family the freedom you have been dreaming of.

Because it’s your time.

Woman, it’s time to get off the treadmill.

Real freedom is waiting on the other side.

  • Comprehensive Orientation Pack
  • Fortnightly membership coaching calls (VALUE $797)
  • ​Monthly accountability calls (VALUE $497)
  • ​​3 hour Implementation Working Calls every 2 months (VALUE $997)
  • ​​Exclusive Private Facebook group with like-minded women (VALUE $197)
  • ​Eligibility to attend our Exclusive Yearly Retreat (Additional retreat costs apply)
  • ​MINIMUM TOTAL VALUE: $3980/ MONTH! For only $635/ month (+ GST)
  • PLUS Access to “Creating Alternate (affiliate income, digital products, online courses and other) Passive Income Streams for your Therapy Practice” Course – Coming Soon as a Beta Program (VALUE $1997)

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