To the parent who is trying to do it all…
Especially the parent of pre-school and primary kids.
I know your little person is a bundle of joy.
But also a challenge at times.

You would love to get out the door in the mornings on time (imagine if you could go get that coffee on the way) but you feel like you are just barely making it work.

You are tired of trying to figure out ‘all the things’ by yourself.
And maybe you have resigned yourself to ‘maybe it is just this hard’.

Can I tell you the truth?

It doesn’t have to be.

There is a way to more peaceful mornings.

More joyful connections with your kids.

Feeling more grounded, in control and managing your family (instead of feeling like your kids drama is managing you).

I have heard from countless parents over my years of working as an Paediatric OT.. the challenges you face are real, and the need for support is greater than ever.. but it’s harder than ever to get the support you need (or just have that ONE question answered about your child’s current behaviour).


The Life Skills 4 Parents Membership Program

For parents who want to create a peaceful, structured and purposeful home. 

If you have been struggling with the ‘basics’ of family life (and struggling quietly) without support or understanding, you’ll love everything we have created for you inside the Life Skills 4 Parents Membership. 

You know you need help, but getting the right type of help might have been a challenge in itself. 

When you join the Life Skills 4 Parents Membership you’re no longer on your own.

You’ll have access to professional resources, online trainings, community plus practical advice from experienced professionals in Paediatric Occupational Therapy.

You’ll have the right tools to make every day a happier day at home.


This may be able to be claimed as an NDIS support. Please check with your NDIS plan manager, support coordinator or contact to see how it could be claimed.

The Life Skills 4 Parents Membership Program was created just for you.

The Program is designed to take you step-by-step through tried and true strategies to:


Make mornings and nights easier.


Reduce your anxiety and stress.


Reduce the drama of a family life.

To meet you and your family where you are at.

And meet like-minded parents, who just want to do the best for their kids and enjoy the parenting journey along the way.

This hub could be the turning point you have been waiting for. 

Because you (and your kids) deserve a peaceful, structured, and purposeful home. 

We look forward to meeting you inside the group.


The Life Skills 4 Parents Membership program will provide you with:

1 x LIVE Monthly parent coaching group call via ZOOM (ask THAT question about your kid’s current behaviour and get a real practical answer to help you right now).

Exclusive FB group with 24/7 access to our parent community and our OT team for support on the go: no judgement, no drama, just parents wanting to learn how to do parenting and life together and sharing ideas and tips along the way. Full of wisdom, tangible advice and like-minded parents.

Access to LifeSkills4Parents online education portal with new trainings added monthly (your 24/7 GO TO guide for any parenting issue you have from toddlers to teens).

Growing library of 10-minute self-paced parenting mini trainings in our Life Skills4Parents portal: it’s like having a parenting genie on your laptop or smartphone. Forget waiting lists and OT bookings: get the advice you need for your current parenting dilemma 24/7.


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I can’t wait to walk through this program with you!

Debbie (Fellow Parent, Paediatric OT and Leader of the Anti-Drama Parent Movement)

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