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Clinical supervision/ coaching with Deb Hopper is currently at capacity.

Join the waitlist for 1:1 clinical supervision below, or join our Kids OT Pod Membership.

        • Do you feel clinically isolated and need a sounding board?
        • Would you like to increase your professional knowledge in the area of sensory processing?
        • Do you want practical strategies and set goals for your professional learning?

        Deb Hopper is passionate about her own professional and personal development. A self-confessed course junkie with a Masters of Health Science (Occupational Therapy), Deb has over 20 years experience in mental health, paediatrics and sensory processing across both these fields. She has worked with babies, children, teenagers and adults across the fields of mental health and paediatrics.With experience in both the public and private health services as well as managing a private organisation, Deb can give you a clinical practice perspective, help you set specific learning goals, and help you achieve them.Not an Occupational Therapist? No worries. Deb has experience in giving clinical guidance to educators and health professionals in the area of sensory processing. Whether you work with children in a clinic, or in a preschool or school, Deb can help you identify:

      • WHAT your learning goals are,
      • HOW to help children and adults with sensory processing, and
      • PRACTICAL STRATEGIES to help the families you work with and streamline your clinical practice.Click below to contact Deb Hopper and request a FREE 15 minute consultation to check that we are the right fit to get started with some clinical or professional supervision, or specific consultancy.


What is clinical supervision /coaching/ mentoring with Deb Hopper like?

      • Clinical supervision is a safe space to discuss any clinical questions around:
        • Paediatric Occupational Therapy practice or management issues.
        • Creating sensory safe spaces for children at schools (OT's, teachers, anyone).
        • Working with children with sensory processing difficulties or emotional regulation difficulties.
        • Brainstorming ideas for practical strategies for case discussion.
        • Reflecting on your clinical practice, streamlining processes and making life easier for you as a teacher or health professional.

        Deb Hopper is passionate about empowering parents, teachers and health professionals to feel confident and comfortable with working with children with:

        • Sensory processing difficulties
        • Autism spectrum disorders
        • Social skills difficulties
        • Emotional regulation difficulties
        • Anxiety

        Request your 15 minute FREE consultation to chat with Deb about your learning needs.

Teaching Kids to Manage Anxiety

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