Clinical Supervision, Clinical Coaching and Mentoring

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Clinical supervision/ coaching with Deb Hopper is currently taking applications for 2020 sessions. 

Deb is in high demand for clinical coaching/ mentoring and superivison, and we only have a few new positions available for monthly 2020 session. 

Do you feel clinically isolated and need a sounding board?

Would you like to increase your professional knowledge in the area of sensory processing?

Do you want practical strategies and set goals for your professional learning?

      • WHAT your learning goals are,
      • HOW to help children and adults with sensory processing, and
      • PRACTICAL STRATEGIES to help the families you work with and streamline your clinical practice.Click below to contact Deb Hopper and request a FREE 15 minute consultation to check that we are the right fit to get started with some clinical or professional supervision, or specific consultancy.

What is clinical supervision /coaching/ mentoring with Deb Hopper like?

      • Clinical supervision is a safe space to discuss any clinical questions around:
        • Paediatric Occupational Therapy practice or management issues.
        • Creating sensory safe spaces for children at schools (OT's, teachers, anyone).
        • Working with children with sensory processing difficulties or emotional regulation difficulties.
        • Brainstorming ideas for practical strategies for case discussion.
        • Reflecting on your clinical practice, streamlining processes and making life easier for you as a teacher or health professional.

        Deb Hopper is passionate about empowering parents, teachers and health professionals to feel confident and comfortable with working with children with:

        • Sensory processing difficulties
        • Autism spectrum disorders
        • Social skills difficulties
        • Emotional regulation difficulties
        • Anxiety

        Request your 15 minute FREE consultation to chat with Deb about your learning needs.