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Parents, you are the experts in your children. You understand your child inside out, and you might have a hunch that…

  •          something is not quite right,
  •          that your child isn’t doing as well as they could, or
  •          their behaviour is not as you would like it,
  •          you’ve tried a lot of things but you just can’t figure out what’s going on.

Often once we explain the basics of sensory processing to parents and what this means, parents have ahhh-haaaa moments when it all starts to make sense why their child is struggling from day to day.

Understanding how the nervous system works, and how “nervous system wiring” difficulties can impact on children’s

  •          academic achievement
  •          behaviour
  •          concentration
  •          emotional stability
  •          reading and writing achievement

We can assist parents in knowing where to turn and practical strategies for knowing how to help children on a day to day basis.

Just Right Kids Reduce Meltdowns Book

Get help, support and resources to support you

Which environments does your child struggle in?

Like Skills For Kids - Just Right Kids Model Sensory Behaviour

How To Have ‘Just Right’ Kids

Where is your child on this chart?

Is their level of alertness constant in one area, or do they fluctuate throughout the day?

Is this fluctuation predictable or is your family on a rollercoaster from dawn until dusk?

Where does your child struggle the most?

The Just Right Kids Model provides practical strategies to overcome difficult behaviours.

Sensory Tip Sheet 3 - Fine Tuning Sensory - Deb Hopper-page-001
Sensory Tip Sheet 2 - When eating is hard - Tips for Fussy Eaters - Deb Hopper-page-001
Sensory Tip Sheet 1 - Using the Mouth As A Sensory Tool - Deb Hopper-page-001

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