Relaxation for Kids Meditation Script

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With so many uncertainties in the world and with childhood and adulthood anxiety on the increase, it’s my mission to reach out and support as many children and adults who suffer from anxiety as I can. This mindfulness meditation that includes a script and an audio mp3 about finding your safe place is one tool that I share with you.

Meet Deb Hopper

Hi! I’m Deb, an Occupational Therapist with over 22 years experience in Mental Health and Pediatrics. I love working in private practice and seeing results with my clients AND having the flexibility to be creative in education packages like this. I live on the beautiful Mid North Coast and LOVE walking the beach with my labradoodle Daisy most mornings. I’m a wife and mother of two teen boys.. never a dull moment between family and work, and I love every minute!


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