Episode 56 of the Superstar Practical Strategies help parents cope with the anxiety that their child is having amid the news of war and conflict. 

Unless you refuse to partake of any form of media, it’s impossible to miss mentions of the war in Ukraine. The TV is constantly bombarding us with images of the conflict, and we see people just like us being forced to flee with their children and pets into a very uncertain future.

Kids see it, too. And it can cause or escalate anxiety, especially for children who are already prone to worrying.  This podcast helps parents and carers can take steps to minimize the harm and equip kids with the skills they need to cope.

It’s probably the most pressing issue facing the world today, but we don’t talk about it. How do you teach your child to be calm and confident, even in the middle of a war?


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Parents who are holding it together… I hear you.

To the parent who is trying to do it all…
Especially the parent of pre-school and primary kids.
I know your little person is a bundle of joy.
But also a challenge at times.

You would love to get out the door in the mornings on time (imagine if you could go get that coffee on the way) but you feel like you are just barely making it work.

You are tired of trying to figure out ‘all the things’ by yourself.
And maybe you have resigned yourself to ‘maybe it is just this hard’.

Can I tell you the truth?

It doesn’t have to be.


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