Season 2 Episode 1 – Building Early Readers: Expert Insights with Dr. Rubman

This episode of the Superstar Practical Strategies helps parents check if their child is experiencing anxiety and teaches how to manage after experiencing or knowing someone affected by the floods. 


Dr. Rudman’s book focuses on helping parents understand and implement the key elements of early reading that can contribute to children’s success in the classroom.

She encourages parents to go to the library and make picture books to engage their children in the activity and to model behaviors they want them to pick up. It is essential to reward comprehension and to make reading an active process.

Additionally, reading with children should be a shared experience, and fun activities can be used to make the task more engaging. Games such as Zingo, phonetic games and shopping activities with pictures can all help with reading comprehension and increase interest in the activity. In summary, Dr. Rudman’s book provides guidance in how to foster reading development, emphasizing the importance of an enjoyable environment in which to learn.

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Alex Learns That Changes Are OK

Alex loves school. He enjoys all the activities he does during the term such as swimming and soccer. He also loves holidays and all the fun things he gets to do while he’s not at school. The problem is, Alex doesn’t like changes. His tummy gets all tight and he gets a worry cloud that comes over his brain and makes it feel foggy. When the school term ends and holidays begin or when school is about to start again, Alex feels really worried and anxious.

Alex’s Mum doesn’t want him to worry. So she does some reading and finds a really cool trick that helps Alex to feel comfortable with changes. It works! Alex is able to keep his worries under control and think about all the fun things that are coming up instead. Can you guess what Alex’s special trick is.

Alex Learns that Changes Are Okay is a beautiful book for children who find change difficult.
When you purchase the Alex Learns that Changes are OK (Flipbook), you will receive a digital flipbook that gradually changes from one page to the next while listening to high-quality audio narration as if someone is flipping and reading the book for you!

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