Anxiety: The Most Common Mental Illness but the Least Understood | Ep 5


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In Episode 5 of Life Skills 4 Kids, we talk about a common but not so talked about mental illness in children and adults – Anxiety. I’ll be sharing with you how to identify anxiety in children and adults, understanding how the brain works when anxiety kicks in, and how to help anxious people get through it.


In this episode we cover:

  • Report by Louise Crealy on Anxiety.
  • How children show anxiety.
  • How to get quicker help for children with anxiety.
  • The importance of identifying anxiety early on in children.
  • Anxiety in adults and how they can identify that they have it.
  • Treatments in an online setting.
  • The difference between anxiety and stress.
  • An example of stress and anxiety in a child and how we can help them through it.
  • How our brains work when we are anxious.



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