Contracting Boundaries and Consequences for Teenagers| Ep 39


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In Episode 39 of the Life Skills 4 Kids Podcast Deb talks with Karli Mckeown, a Teen and Parent Empowerment Coach who helps parents and teens connect and create meaningful relationships during the challenging adolescent years.

In this episode they discuss:

  • How children change from childhood to adolescence and some of the frustrations that come with these changes
  • Communication changes and challenges that come with adolescence
  • How to pivot our parenting to balance their need for independence and helping them to feel supported
  • A great approach to setting boundaries and consequences with tweens and teens in order to teach the kids how to do things better
  • Karli shares her top three tips to boundary and consequence setting with teens and tweens



Find Karli’s Course, How to Talk to Your Teenager Masterclass, here:

Teaching Kids to Manage Anxiety –

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