As we hear another story in the news about a child being “caged” at school, this time in Queensland we can no longer sit back.
Deb Hopper BHIthSc (OT) CSturt; MHIthSc Accredited  Occupational Therapist is passionate about sensory processing, working as a Paedatrict Occupational Therapist in NSW, works daily with children diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and ADD.
Deb comes across children with high care needs and challenging behaviour daily with her work, and knows that with a little understanding and the correct tools these children can be supported in the right way to create safe and friendly environments for teachers and pupils.
Deb works with schools locally and nationally through workshops, therapy and sensory assessments Deb helps teachers, parents and pupils understand why children feel and behave the way they do and puts long term strategies in place for ongoing care plans.
Below you will find a video of Deb talking about the recent events in the press regarding children “caged” at school.

Dealing with Autism and challenging behaviour in classrooms

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