Episode 57 – Recovery After the Floods 

This episode of the Superstar Practical Strategies helps parents check if their child is experiencing anxiety and teaches how to manage after experiencing or knowing someone affected by the floods. 


After a flood, many families will take time to recover. This will depend partly on the level of trauma a family suffered during the actual event, and how quickly life can return to normal after the event.

For instance, people who had to evacuate their homes, those whose homes were destroyed, or those who lost significant possessions or family pets, the process will be longer. This also depends on the amount of recovery support available, whether the family suffers ongoing financial hardship, and how long and arduous the process of returning to normal life is.

Moreover, Children look to parents and carers in times of crisis to know how they should behave and feel. It’s important to stay calm and model a healthy stress response (easier said than done!) to help your child feel secure and comforted. Self-care is vital during this time because you are unable to give to those around you if your own cup is empty. If you need help during this time, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask.

Children and young people function better when they have an understanding of what has happened, so encourage your child to ask questions or talk about the flood. Provide openings to get the conversation started, such as sharing your own feelings.

However, children and young people don’t always talk about what’s going on inside, so check the list below to help you figure out if your child is anxious after the floods.


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Parents who are holding it together… I hear you.

To the parent who is trying to do it all…
Especially the parent of pre-school and primary kids.
I know your little person is a bundle of joy.
But also a challenge at times.

You would love to get out the door in the mornings on time (imagine if you could go get that coffee on the way) but you feel like you are just barely making it work.

You are tired of trying to figure out ‘all the things’ by yourself.
And maybe you have resigned yourself to ‘maybe it is just this hard’.

Can I tell you the truth?

It doesn’t have to be.


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