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In Episode 4 of Life Skills 4 Kids, I will share my thoughts and knowledge about a topic that many families have to deal when the holidays start – helping kids be grounded and transition from school to the holidays.

In this episode we cover:

  • Many children love changes in routine but can trigger anxiety for some.
  • Strategies for transitioning kids from structured school time to unstructured time during the holidays.
  • Prepare the children for what will be coming up during the week or coming weeks by writing it down on a calendar where they can see it.





Alex loves school. He enjoys all the activities he does during the term such as swimming and soccer. He also loves holidays and all the fun things he gets to do while he’s not at school. The problem is, Alex doesn’t like changes. His tummy gets all tight and he gets a worry cloud that comes over his brain and makes it feel foggy. When the school term ends and holidays begin or when school is about to start again, Alex feels really worried and anxious.

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alex learns that changes are ok
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