Matrescence – The constant transformation and development of our mothering role | Ep 8


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Our role as mothers can become so overwhelming because of the many things that are expected from us. In Episode 8 of the Life Skills 4 Kids Podcast, we have an interesting conversation with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz as she talks about the challenges that mums go through, the concept of matrescence and the importance of self-care for mums.

Amy is a writer, a producer, a speaker, an international award-winning coach running numerous online programs to help mothers all over the world and, most importantly, a mother of three. She authored the best-selling book “Happy Mama: The Guide to Finding Yourself”, created the #1 iTunes meditations for children “Bedtime Explorers”, and hosts “The Happy Mama Movement” Podcast.


In this episode we cover:

  • Amy’s story of how she started working with mums.
  • Why women are compelled to do so much more than what they can handle.
  • The challenges, significant shifts and identity dilemmas that mums go through.
  • Amy expounds on the role and the meaning of being a mother and how they can be nurtured.
  • What is Matrescence?
  • The importance of acknowledging matrescence as an ongoing experience for mums.
  • How mothers can smoothly adapt to the processes of parenting development and self-care.
  • Self-care for mums and parents who have children with additional needs.
  • Dealing with anxiety in children.
  • Amy shares her story of how her daughter has been her greatest teacher.
  • Do fathers have the same experience as matrescence in women?
  • Deb’s highlights from the conversation.



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