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In this episode of the Life Skills 4 Kids Podcast, Fleur Chambers, Founder of Harvesting Happiness, helps us become calmer despite the busyness of life. Harvesting Happiness is a  community organization that supports mums, kids, and everyone in the community to wake up from the busyness and stress of life so they can see their life in more open and calm ways and respond more skillfully. She teaches mindfulness, meditation, and how to be more compassionate towards parents and their kids.


In this episode we cover:

  • Fleur tells us more about Harvesting Happiness and the work she does through the organization.
  • How small mindful moments can help mums decrease stress and overwhelm.
  • Remembering how to have mindful moments throughout the day.
  • Tips on how to go about your mindful moments.
  • Awareness as the first step towards a strategy.
  • The challenges of trying to become mindful.
  • Mindfulness as a gateway to experiencing other positive resources.
  • Finding out where and how to start and what works for you.
  • The benefits of becoming mindful parents or a mindful family.
  • The importance of talking to your children about mindfulness.
  • Helping kids who are in a cycle of worrying or futuring.
  • Interesting ideas for kids’ bedtime.



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