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In Episode 36 of the Life Skills 4 Kids Podcast Deb continues her talk with Rachel Howe. Rachel is an Occupational Therapist who works with children and is moving into family-based therapy. She wants to support not only the children but also the whole family.

In this episode they cover:

  • Using mindfulness to make the afternoon routines easier
  • The busyness that comes with kids and school and how can parents help them to remain mindful when you’re not with them
  • How we can help children during homework
  • What mindful eating is and how it can help children (and even adults)


Relaxation for Kids Meditation Script

With so many uncertainties in the world and with childhood and adulthood anxiety on the increase, it’s my mission to reach out and support as many children and adults who suffer from anxiety as I can. This mindfulness meditation that includes a script and an audio mp3 about finding your safe place is one tool that I share with you.

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