Are you struggling with children’s behaviour?

Many schools and families struggle while working with children with severe behavioural difficulties. You probably have seen the story of the child with autism ‘caged’ in Canberra. So many parents and teachers struggle with children’s behaviour from day to day. Did you know that Diana Henry’s sensory processing workshops next month in Melbourne and Sydney includes lots of practical strategies for setting up sensory safe environments and routines at home and school for children. Her strategies are getting lots of positive results in the US and Europe.
Parents, Grandparents, Carers, Therapists, Teachers, Teachers Aides you will all benefit from these workshops. A once in lifetime opportunity to listen and learn from a world expert in sensory processing and child development. Renowned around the world for her work and research you will be amazed, inspired and empowered after a Diana Henry workshop.
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This super relaxing exercise should be done around nap time or bedtime. It will create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, and if you share the exercise with the child, you will help them remember times, places and people where they feel loved and cared for, and create a new safe space memory for them.

Children can learn from this exercise to create a peaceful atmosphere and can learn to de-stress themselves even on occasions when you are not there to help. It is important for children to feel secure in new and unknown situations.

Teaching them to create security – to find it from within – is a valuable skill they will be able to use throughout their lives.

alex learns that changes are ok

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