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In Episode 42 of the Life Skills 4 Kids Podcast Deb talks about staying connected with your teenager. She welcomes Pauline Duncan, a former teacher and homeschooling mum to teenagers, to the show. Pauline has a burning passion for helping families connect and grow. 

In this episode they discuss:

  • The importance of validating the transition period between being a child and being an adult.
  • The role parents play in facilitating growth in that time period.
  • Several ways to stay connected with teenagers during this transition time of life.
  • The benefits of staying grounded and present as parents and suggestions for how to do that.



Find out more about Pauline Duncan and how she can help you and your teen in her Facebook Group: Fun Back To Basics, https://www.facebook.com/funbacktobasics4teens/

Teaching Kids to Manage Anxiety – https://www.bookdepository.com/Teaching-Kids-Manage-Anxiety-Deb-Hopper/9780994448347?ref=grid-view&qid=1550630995978&sr=1-2/?a_aid=LS4KAU

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