New Year’s Eve starts with a bang and it should. The fireworks fascinates almost everybody. The light, colour and sound adds to their brilliance. It’s definitely intense, complex, unexpected with fast pace movement, and that is why it’s alerting and exciting for us.
But for many children, the fireworks can be scary, overwhelming or even terrifying. This might include children who struggle with sensory processing difficulties.
Here’s our top 5 strategies to prevent it getting too overwhelming for children:

  1. Use ear muffs to dampen the noise, reducing its intensity.
  2. Give children their sip bottles which they can use to sip in between the show. This strategy generally eases them down. It can also be complemented with some chewable necklaces or food.
  3. Get them to hold a squeeze toy or a sponge ball and squeeze it hard as possible when the sound gets overwhelmingly loud.
  4. Give them a big hug during the fireworks. Deep touch pressure is calming to the nervous system.
  5. Before you leave prepare your child for what is going to happen and what to expect so that they can be prepared and have a plan set out.

BANG !!!!

Watching the fireworks can be the highlight of the holiday season but for many children, it is a terrifying experience. It can cause family stress and reduce the enjoyment of making memories at special events.

Fireworks Freak-Out: How Eddy and Monica Chill-Outtells the story of two children who struggle to cope with the noise and visual aspects of the fireworks. Woven through the story are strategies that help kids and parents turn an overwhelming event into a fun and memorable one. A summary page helps adults to understand how kids feel when they are overwhelmed and offers practical advice and strategies for a positive, stress-free experience.

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