Developmental Stages of Self Regulation – Highlights from Leah Kuypers “The Zones of Regulation Workshop”

Developmental Stages of Self Regulation LS4K

Developmental Stages of Self Regulation and “The Zones of Regulation Workshop”  I’ve just come back from listening to Leah Kuypers, Occupational Therapist,  who is the creator of the Zones of Regulation Program. She is an amazing OT (Occupational Therapist) and she has done so much to contribute to the world of self-regulation. I want to

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The Regulation Rocket

By Simone Ryan – Occupational Therapist – talking about regulation. One of the most common requests I’ve had when working with families and educators of children (with or without a disability or delay) is for assistance with a child’s self regulation. When we think of how important social emotional development is to school success, initiating

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