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How was the first day back?Back to school verbatim and group photo

After speaking with the Mum's in the office, I realised how different children react to the first day back at school and the change of routine, which story do you relate to?

Deb Hopper – Business Entrepreneur, Occupational Therapist, Author and Mum of two boys said:

This morning I had two very different boys in the house JH1  was feeling overwhelmed by the sudden change of routine and was walking around with his hands over his head trying to hideaway from the chaos and unsettling feeling, finding it hard to cope with the transition of change. Whereas  JH2 could hardly contain himself with the excitement of a new school year bouncing around the room.

Jenny Pither – Accounts, Receptionist, PR and Mum of two girls and one boy

My girls are a little older and  tend to take things in their stride.
The morning started off easily JP2 (8 years old) was up early, dressed and ready to go. As we had our breakfast I could see the excitement in her eyes at the thought of seeing her friends and catching up on holiday gossip.
Jp1 (10yrs old) was going through the motions of the morning routine, seeming to take it all very well. About 20 mins before we had to leave I could see the nervousness take over. Clearly the unknowingness of her new teacher and classmates was playing on her mind.

As you can see 4 children about to start their first day back at school, each having very different feelings and reactions to the day ahead. As we regularly promote all children are different and have individual needs that require individual treatment.

If you would like to share your experience email: and if we like your story we will share it on FB.

Here are a few things you can do to help your child transition easily

Holiday Planners

Make the transition from school to holidays and back to school easier with Deb Hopper's FREE downloadable holiday planner.

Make the transition from school to holidays and back to school easier with Deb Hopper's FREE downloadable holiday planner.

About a week before school starts, use the holiday transition planner. This will help mentally prepare your child for the upcoming weeks.

As school has already started it is not too late why not start using your planner now so that your child can prepare for the weekend break and Monday routine. With only a short week at school and then two days off again you may notice your child start to struggling again with the sudden changes.


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