Screen Time For Children

Screen time for children Deb Hopper article Great Health Guide July 2018

  Screen Time for Children By Deb Hopper This article was published in the Great Health Guide digital magazine – Screen time for children…  It’s one of those tricky topics to deal with from day to day. There are such mixed messages in the media about how much screen time is appropriate, healthy or even

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Helping Your Child With Social Anxiety

At LifeSkills4Kids, we are passionate about helping young people with their social anxiety challenges.  As parents, we want our kids to be happy, content and enjoying the adventure of growing into adults.  In an ideal world, this would be easy for us and our kids to accomplish, it’s not always quite so simple though. Does your

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The Regulation Rocket

By Simone Ryan – Occupational Therapist – talking about regulation. One of the most common requests I’ve had when working with families and educators of children (with or without a disability or delay) is for assistance with a child’s self regulation. When we think of how important social emotional development is to school success, initiating

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