What are fidget toys? How do the different shapes of fidget toys help kids learn and manage anxiety? Are fidget toys effective tools or classroom distractions?
There are a lot of claims that fidgets toys have been very useful tools in improving concentration and focus in students with ADHD.
Fidget toys…. fidget spinners… Kids love them, adults tolerate them. They were the fad of 2017 and now you can buy them for at least half price everywhere.
Many schools banned them, but are they actually useful for some children? We can find out.
Many children with anxiety do benefit from having a fidget toy of some sort to fiddle with in their hands and fidget spinners are just one option available. Fidget spinners and fidget cubes are just a more modern version of the old stress balls that we collect at conferences. And yes, they can be useful tools to help concentration and attention, in the right place at the right time.
The fidget spinners and cubes are probably not the best choice for fidget toys in classrooms as they can be distracting to other children due to the noise, but let’s not throw out the whole concept.
This great infographic below and the link to it’s sister article outlines a few other options for fidget toys in class and for helping concentration for homework.
See the full article here for more info.
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