In Episode 50 of Life Skills 4 Kids, Deb is featured as a guest speaker in Julia Hasche podcast. Julia is a blogger, author, and mentor for single parents who also created the Single Mother Survival Guide in 2016.

Deb talks with Julia about some of the verbal cues and behaviours that children do when they are anxious. Deb also discusses about the ways on how we, as parents, can make it easier for our children who experience anxiety.

In this episode they cover:

  • Defining anxiety and how would you know if your child might have it?
  • Ways on Managing anxiety
  • How life can be better for children with anxiety
  • Signs/behaviors that your kids might unintentionallly say or do leading to anxiety
  • What is the difference between “normal kid behavior” vs anxiety
  • Ways on how we can reduce anxiety in children
  • Teaching Kids to Manage anxiety book

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Alex Learns that Changes Are Okay is a beautiful book for children who find change difficult.

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Another book from the So-Sense: Stories that make so much Sensory-sense series by Occupational Therapist Deb Hopper.


alex learns that changes are ok
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