Video Training for Parents – Helping your child with social anxiety

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Helping your child who has social anxiety

Webinar/ Training for Parents

Social anxiety is when a child wants to interact with and engage socially with others, but fails repeatedly in their attempts and/or they fail in achieving a desired level of interaction.

In this webinar, participants will:

  1. Understand the complexity of basic day to day social interactions and how these can be anxiety provoking
  2. Practice how to break down common social interactions into smaller steps
  3. Understand the power of using visuals in creating social visual stories to fast track progress to reduce social anxiety
  4. Develop strategies for practicing these social splinter skills with your child
  5. Gain ideas for how to make social skills practice fun and fresh

Bonus inclusions:

  1. Video recording for view on demand following webinar
  2. Links to online resources mentioned in webinar
  3. Sample social visual story you can use with your child


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